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Mentholatum Vapour Rub Jar 30g

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  • Decongestant for easier breathing in colds and catarrh. 

  • For muscular pain and stiffness.

  • A small, light application brings cooling, soothing relief from itching, dry and chapped skin, nettle rash, insect bites and stings.

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Product Description


Anhydrous ointment, containing menthol 1.35%, camphor 9% and methyl salicylate 0.33%

A special medication for relief from congestion of the nose, throat and chest. Mentholatum Vapour Rub is an ointment blended from pure, natural menthol and Eucalyptus with extracts of Pine. The vapour from these pure ingredients naturally clears congestion, eases breathing and relieves soreness. Other Applications : For muscular pain and stiffness, including backache, sciatica, lumbago, fibrositis, rheumatic pain, bruises, chilblains, rub on to the affected area. A small, light application brings cooling, soothing relief from itching, dry and chapped skin, nettle rash, insect bites and stings.

Adults (including the elderly) and children over 1 year old : Apply 2-3 times daily Sufferers from colds, catarrh and hayfever can benefit by rubbing Mentholatum on to the chest, throat and back. For alternative relief, melt one teaspoonful of this special balm in hot water. Inhale the natural menthol medicated vapour to ease nasal congestion, making breathing easier. .

Keep area of application uncovered or loosely covered. Keep clear of eyes and nose. Do not use on delicate or broken skin. Use with caution in those with asthma. Consult a doctor if taking anticoagulant therapy. Wash hands after use. Discontinue if excessive irritation occurs.

Topical analgesics

This information is provided for your reference only and it is not to be relied upon on its own as instructions for use of this medication. It is not a replacement for and should only be used in conjunction with full consultation with a licensed healthcare professional, the information provided by your pharmacist and the manufacturer of the medication. It may not contain all the available information you require and cannot substitute professional medical care, nor does it take into account all individual circumstances.

Other than liability for death or personal injury arising out of our negligence, we shall not be held responsible or liable for any claims or damages arising from the use or misuse of the information contained herein, its contents or omissions, or otherwise.


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