Aqua Guard Socks 13 - 2.5 Small

  • One pair of socks. 
  • Slip resistant sole. 
  • Contoured shape for comfort. 
  • Use in swimming pools, changing rooms, showers, baths and jacuzzis etc. 
  • Made from 100% natural latex. 
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1 pair of socks size 13-2.


Verrucae and Athlete's Foot are caught by feet making contact with contaminated wet surfaces; they are not waterborne. Aqua Guard Socks will provide protection against verrucae and other foot infections.


1• Gather up the guard sock and pull gently onto the foot. 2• Aqua Guard socks are marked L and R; always wear on the same foot to prevent cross infection. 3• (Optional) To make it easier to put on and easier to swim in, the four protrusions at the toe end can be removed with scissors (see diagram on box). 4• After use, wash thoroughly in clean water, towel dry and dust lightly with talcum powder. 5• If you're already suffering from a verruca or need to keep a dressing dry, DO NOT remove the four protrusions (point 3). To help keep the foot dry use surgical tape to seal around the ankle.




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