Blink Contacts Eye Drops 10ml

  • Use to quickly relieve dry, irritated, fatigued or red eyes.
  • There is no need to remove your contact lenses.
  • Soothing, long lasting comfort.
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Blink Eye Drops can help restore comfortable moisture levels within the eye.

This product is made for wearers of contact lenses.

It is also suitable for people suffering from allergies. specially formulated for those who wear contact lens or those who suffer from allergies.

It has a gentle formula that relieves dryness and irritation caused by dust, glare, pollen, air pollution or overwork, giving more comfortable lens wear all day long.

Dry, irritated, fatigued and red eyes can be quickly soothed by these drops.

How to Use:

place 1 or 2 drops of Blink Eye Drops into the affected eye as required.

There is no need to remove your contact lenses and can be used by wearers of any type of contact lens.

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