BD Safe-Clip Needle Clipper

  • Compact size.
  • Easy to use.
  • Helps to safely dispose used needles.
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One needle clipping device that will remove the used needle from your insulin pen or insulin syringe.

The BD Safe-Clip™ can clip off up to 1500 needles between 28G and 31G and in length from 5mm to 12.7mm.

The BD Safe-Clip™ should not be used to clip lancets.

Safe Needle Disposal

  • Correct disposal of sharps is an integral part of the process of delivering insulin and is essential to prevent accidental injury and damage. 
  • A needle clipper is therefore an important item of equipment to dispose of sharps responsibly, reducing the risk to yourself or others.
  • Once you have clipped off your needle put the used pen needle hub or syringe in a rigid sealable container such as a sharps collector. 
  • Follow the same procedure with your BD Safe Clip™ once full. 
  • To dispose of the full container, seal the lid securely and follow local guidelines for safe disposal of clinical waste. 
  • Alternatively your healthcare team may run a local sharps scheme that you could use to dispose of your clinical waste. 
  • Do not put your container or BD Safe Clip™ in a recycling bin.
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